Peter Crinnion Sculpture

     Pigeon, 2020, Portland stone
     Fuck Off I Love You, 2020, Portland stone

Lego Will Ya?, 2019,Sandstone,

Hungry Ghost, Trondheim European Carving Festival, 2019,Norwegian Soapstone


My Cup, 2019, Sandstone

Humble Bee, York Stonecarving Festival, 2018, Ancaster Stone

Jac-Y-Do, 2014, Welsh Mudstone, 400mm high


Green Man (Fruit and Nut), Lincoln European Carving Festival, 2013, Lincoln Silverbed, 300mm high

On Ya Marks... Get Set... Go!, Bristol Stone Carving Festival, 2013, Bath stone, 400mm high

 Bloke (With His Arse Stuck) in a Box, 2012, Portland stone, 250mm high


 Bloke With a Box, 2012, Bath stone, 340 x 140mm        

Fingers Crossed, 2012, Bath stone, 200 x 90mm

Something, Isn't Anything, Without Nothing, 2012,  Portland stone,

260 x 88 x 142mm

Bloke (Sitting)  in a Box, 2012, Sandstone, 200 x 200 x 300mm

Bitten,  2012,Portland stone, 260 x 170 x 115mm

   Bloke (With His Head) in a Box , 2011, Portland stone, 270mm high


Another Bloke in Another Box, 2010, Collyweston Limestone, 240mm high 

Bloke in a Box, 2010, Limestone, 300mm high

Final Fall, 2009, Sandstone, 220mm high




 Letter, 2009, Marble, 120mm high 


Time and Tide. 2009, Cyprus Sandstone,

Melting Cube (Over The Edge), 2009, Sandstone, 120mm high 

Melting Cube. 2008, Cyprus Limestone, 130mm high


 Hairy Legs, High Heels. 2009, Cyprus Sandstone, 440mm  high


Sat Ere in Heels. 2009, Cyprus Sandstone, 400mm high

Bacon and Eggs. 2008, Cyprus Limestone, 260mm high

End Of The Road, 2008, Sandstone, 160mm high


What Do You Want Blood?, 2008, Sandstone, 110mm high 

Probably Couldn't Give A Monkeys Fist Knot, 2007, Portland stone, 330mm high

Stone Bowler, 2006, Portland stone, 260mm high 



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